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Why it's Important to Shred your Documents

The Law

Your organization must comply with laws and regulations, requiring that it protect certain information when it is discarded.

An increasing number of laws actually require organizations to shred or face steep fines.

At both the federal and state level, FACTA/Red Flag Laws (Credit Reporting), HIPAA (Healthcare), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (Financial) and the New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention Act require specific physical safeguards, notably shredding, to meet compliance guidelines.

Are YOU Compliant With the New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention Act?

Law Makers Read the Headlines Too!

Articles on identity theft and other stories highlighting the need for information protection are in the news everyday. But you are not the only one who is reading those headlines! Lawmakers, regulatory agencies and your customers are reading them right along with you, and they expect your organization to fulfill its obligation to protect confidential information.

Fines, Lawsuits, and Criminal Charges for Discarding Undestroyed Information Have Reached an All Time High!

Responding to the public outcry for a solution to the problem, regulatory agencies and law enforcement authorities have issued more fines, lawsuits, and criminal charges for discarding undestroyed information in the last year than were issued over the last 20 years-COMBINED!

The Obligation to Destroy Discarded Information is Clear

Under the umbrella of an increasing number of federal and state laws and regulations, virtually every organization in the US has a statutory obligation to protect the personal information of its clients at all times. An increasing number of such laws and regulations actually contain requirements to destroy the information prior to disposal. In addition, procedures for such destruction must be documented in writing.

No Organization is to Small to be a Target

When retrieving the growing list of organizations subjected to fines lawsuits and criminal charges for discarding undestroyed information, one thing is clear; small organizations are just as much at risk as large ones. Many recently prosecuted organizations are small to medium-sized enterprises. Can your business afford a fine?

Go Green Today and Help Preserve the Planet for Our Future

Many companies are focusing on “Going Green” and corporate sustainability as their main initiatives for the future. Guardian can set you on the right path in making these goals a reality. All paper that Guardian shreds is returned to our secure facility where it is baled and shipped to Georgia Pacific for recycling into consumer paper products. One Tree is Saved for Every 117 lbs. of Paper We Shred! Because we recycle all paper, our containers can be used for any paper that is being discarded by your office. This practice can lower your waste disposal costs and ensure that all paper produced by your company is recycled and not sent to the landfill.

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Document Destruction & Shredding

Do You Need an Executive Console or Bin for Your Office?

Many companies feel that they are too small for a monthly service. Studies have shown that for every seven employees, 100 lbs. of waste paper is produced monthly. We offer containers to fit any office space and budget.

Document Destruction & Shredding

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