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The Guardian Document Destruction Process

  1. Our mobile shredding unit travels to your place of business to destroy your sensitive records and materials quickly and efficiently.
  2. Meanwhile, you can place the documents and other materials that need shredding in one of our locked security consoles that we provide you at no cost. For you convenience, you do not need to separate paper from non-paper materials, nor remove staples or other fasteners from materials.
  3. You have a choice of two types of security consoles:
    1. Our heavy-duty plastic secure container is on wheels and holds up to 300 pounds of materials.
    2. Our secure office console holds up to 100 pounds of documents and easily fits in an office setting.
  4. We can set up weekly, bimonthly or monthly schedule for our shredder to come to your business site - or you can just call us as you need us.
  5. Our mobile shredding unit can destroy a wide variety of sensitive materials, including paper, microfilm, magnetic tapes, computer disks, binders and cartridges. Our shredder can handle in minutes what it takes hours for your staff to do.
  6. When we are finished, we give you a signed "Certificate of Destruction," which assures you that your sensitive documents have been totally destroyed.
  7. All shredded material is compacted and recylced, making our program an environmentally responsible solution to records management.
Guardian Document Destruction Trucks

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Document Destruction & Shredding

Do You Need an Executive Console or Bin for Your Office?

Many companies feel that they are too small for a monthly service. Studies have shown that for every seven employees, 100 lbs. of waste paper is produced monthly. We offer containers to fit any office space and budget.

Document Destruction & Shredding

Guardian Document Desctruction Truck